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Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water

1: so I need some advice. Me and one of my really good guy friends both like each other. but, he has a girlfriend. Long story short though, he's kinda conflicted because him and his gf have been having problems and fighting and he doesn't know what to do because of his feelings for. He's a super nice guy, don't think any less of him, but it's just hard because they've been dating for about 4 years. So anyway, I have a friends with benefits, and part of me wants to stop hooking up with him

I know it will probably come off as harsh, but I think you should let your guy friend and his girlfriend work things out, however they end up.  Be the girl who is there for him when/if they break up, not the trigger for the breakup.  Maybe ask him where he stands.  Do you know for a fact he likes you, or are you just assuming?  Maybe talk to the benefriend too.  Get him on the same page.  Make sure he knows things are temporary.  If it makes you feel bad to be hooking up with him you should probably stop, not because you’re waiting for someone else, but because it just doesn’t feel right to you.  I hope that was at least a little helpful :3.

I can relate to the nose post SO MUCH. its awful that every time I see a pretty girl with a perfect sloping nose I feel like COMPLETE SHIT, and every time a guy comes around I avoid letting him see my side profile. every time I see a perfect nose I cringe and I have such low self esteem because of it. sometimes I feel so beautiful, so gorgeous, then I think about the awful hump on my nose and I grab a mirror and stare at my awful side profile. I only look partially pretty dead on, I m SO ugly:(

I’m 100% sure you’re not ugly, dear.  I wish I knew how to give advice to you, but I really don’t.  Everyone fixates on their own flaws (unless you’re in middle school or junior high, in which case, most people grow up eventually).  The girls with the perfect noses have something they’re insecure about.  Every single person does.  And some are just as obsessed with theirs.  They don’t notice as much as you think they do.  They really don’t.  And if they do?  Good for them, they’re a first class jerk and probably even more insecure than you.  that got a little sassy, but I hope that helped a little :)

Can I ask your advice on something?

absolutely!  anything, anytime.