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the truth is what you choose to believe: ramblings on religion.

 I think religion is a beautiful thing, in theory.  A belief in a greater entity, that which answers all your questions.  That’s great, your questions are answered, but mine aren’t.  I’m still searching for what I believe in, so let me search.  Overly religious people aren’t willing to accept that their God doesn’t answer your questions, just as overly non-religious people are adamant that their beliefs are superior.  That’s not okay.  The thing that’s beautiful about religion is it’s a belief, just like children believe in Santa Claus.  Now, I know just as well as the rest of you that Santa isn’t real.  But at one time in my life, he was very real.  How else could those presents possibly get there?  Who could have eaten the cookies besides him?  And how did he always know exactly what I wanted?  Even if I’d forgot to ask him.  I was a naughty child.  We all were.  Do not sit there and tell me you were nice because I think we were all little brats and you know it.  Santa didn’t see that, Santa saw the good in me and brought me presents every year.  Eventually, my friends told me Santa was an illusion and he was actually my parents and I questioned them.  Santa and God have so much in common.  God has been said to grant good will on those who do good deeds, as does Santa.  God listens to what you wants and delivers, so to speak.  As does Santa.  I hope I’m not leading you to believe that belief in God is a bad thing.  Do you not wish you were as naive as you were when you believed a fat, old man with a beard broke into your house on December 25 and gave you exactly what you had asked for?  No one criticizes a child for believing in Santa Claus, it’s the most precious thing in the world to be able to believe in an idea that something exists to explain the world around you.

Children are impressionable beings.  They seek to describe the world around them because that’s what growing up and learning means.  It’s just like adults.  We think we need to explain our existence so we choose to believe in religions.  This isn’t naive, it’s human nature and the ultimate question.

It’s a totally cliche argument for atheists to make.  Santa and God.  But I’m not debunking God because Santa is a belief.  The truth is what you choose to believe.